Why Our Senior Rates Are So Reasonable.

_MG_8564-Edit Simple Answer: philosophy and ideology.  A number of years ago I branched off from magazine, model, commercial and architectural photography to add senior photos.  The genesis was my oldest son’s senior photos, as a professional photographer, I quickly noticed that there was no connection between prices senior studios charged and the product they delivered.  They charged exorbitant and unjustifiable charges, simply because they could.  I could not sleep at night charging seniors and their parents what many photographers do.  Senior pictures should not cost half a semester of college tuition.

I be_O9A9769-Editlieve that affordable highest quality professional senior photographs should be available to all seniors.  I went to too many graduation parties where the senior photos displayed were obviously taken by a parent, friend or relative because they looked amateurish.  Not that they were horrible, but as a professional I’ve spend many, many hours honing my skills and thousands of dollar on the equipment necessary to capture pictures correctly (notice the light in the eyes of my subjects, models or seniors). So, I decided to enter the market at a price point that should be acceptable to all seniors and provide a complete professional package and, yet, if someone wanted to really have a special unique session I would offer that also.  See our Packages and Prices Page.

The bottom line is quality and uniqueness of photos.  Look at any of my galleries or my homepage slide show and compare my images with any other studio.  If you find their work better, please go there as your happiness is the most important quality.  Senior photos should be fun and exciting in the capture and thrilling in viewing.

About me, I am, in my opinion, the top model photographer in the San Antonio-Austin area, quite likely the most in demand.  I’m a preferred photographer for Forte Modeling, I am widely published and my work (in 2015) was featured in 8 different magazines, including a cover shot and a six page spread (very rare) as well as a month in calendar.  These are national magazine and I was in competition wAshleyS-2624-Editith photographers from coast to coast and from Hudson Bay to Mexico City. I bring all of this to you at a rate nearly anyone can afford and my packages are All Inclusive.

I have seen photographers in San Antonio who have a $1,000 limit and advertise the average package is $4,500.  That’s crazy expensive.

Here’s what happens, they make a big promotional deal of the event.  You will be charged a non-refundable fee to book your session and then your session.  After your session, they advertise they you will be brought in for a special private showing of your images.  This meeting is a sales meeting (very much like buying a new car)and is where they make their money.  They put on an impressive slide show and show you a variety of packages you can order (of course the basic packages have none of the images you really want) and so they guide you to a very expensive package, once they have that package done, since you have been, and should be, impressed with the pres_MG_1079-Editentation and excited about how you look, they will use that enthusiasm to get you to buy photo books, picture frames and a host of other products.  You will then make a substantial down payment on the products ordered (non refundable) with final payment due on delivery.

Let’s talk about senior photos!  Call or Text to 715-533-2214, use the contact page on this site, or email to david.nelson12@gmail.com.