Why Choose Davidanelsonphotography?

Why choose David A Nelson Photography?

  1. Image quality, we are the premier model photography studio in San Antonio and we bring those skills to your senior session.  If you don’t find our images to be the best, move on to someone else.  Under Emma’s galleries see the Fashion Flair and Hollywood Noir galleries for the model look.
  2. You senior session is an individualized session that is All About You.  And we will do whatever is necessary to make this a special time with wonderful memories.  If you want something, just ask.  If it’s possible we’ll do it.
  3. We cater to the social media world in which you live.
  4. We are affordable.  See our packages and prices page for details.
  5. We have no interest in being a high volume studio instead we offer a boutique experience tailored to your  wishes.
  6. Our philosophy differs from most studios and so we operate differently than most studios.


You live in a Social Media world, why choose an old style studio?  Our senior services are built around how you live in the Social Media World: Facebook, Instagram, Vine, SnapChat, Pheed, Tumbler etc.  We provide you with a DVD of all your images resized and formatted for use on social media sites. Just upload and share what you want with who you want.

The Essential Difference Between David A Nelson Photography And The Other Studios

Virtually all other professional studios make their money selling expensive photos.  Typically they will charge you a fee to take your photos, then they will invite you in and present a very professional slide show of your images and ask you to select the images you like.  Then they will present you with a variety of photo packages (and products) to buy.  When you decided which photos you like and decide to order photos they will set out a number of package options, you will not be able to buy individual photos (unless a wall sized image).  This gets very expensive quickly and you will find that if you want to buy a certain size photo that it only comes in a package with other photos, so you have to forgo getting some images you want or pay for images you don’t want.

With us we will charge you a fee for taking your photos and that is all you will pay.  See or Prices and Packages Page for details.  Unlike all other studios we do not require you to buy photos.  While you are under no obligation to purchase photos from us, we are contracted with a professional lab and if you want to order photos from us we can provide the highest quality for near Wal-Mart prices.  And, if you choose to purchase photos from us there are no required packages, simply choose the images you want in the sizes and quantities you want.  It’s that simple.

Why Choose Us?

Image quality, Our work is currently published in five national magazines: Grease Inc (including the March cover photo and the featured model), Dames, Planes& Automobiles, Purely Pinup, Heels for Combat Boots (also July in their 2016 calendar), Vintage Radio and Gauge Magazine.  We are also one of the premier model photographers in San Antonio and our photos fill the profiles of the top models at Forte Modeling.

What makes our images standout from the rest? In a word: Lighting. On location we use off camera lighting. Photographs are about light and the quality of light. Using off camera lighting enables us to use light to create the image you want. The result is images that just pop, puts light in the eyes and makes the subject standout from the background. Check Kaitlin’s, Noah’s or Emily’s senior galleries for examples of how lighting in different environments makes the difference-many of those shots were possible only because we used off camera lighting.

Why don’t all photographer’s use off camera light? Frankly, they don’t know how, it’s a difficult skill to learn correctly (easy to do incorrectly and get that flashy look) and requires a considerable investment in time and equipment and its a lot of work lugging equipment every where and often requires an assistant, so they advertise themselves as “natural light” photographers, trying to turn a negative into a positive. BTW, if your photographer has the flash mounted on top of the camera, run away, don’t walk away, unless you’re a fan of the DMV look.

It’s all about you

We are your slaves for the day, we will go where you want to go, do what you want to do. We will do anything to make this day a special day. Not only should your images be the best available the process of capturing them should be fun, exciting and an experience you look back at with great fondness.

We’re Affordable. You might think that with our national exposure and the extra mile we go, we would be very expensive, but we are not. We are probably the most affordable senior studio in San Antonio and there are no hidden charges, no hidden fees, what we tell you is what you get.  Check out our all inclusive packages on our Packages and Prices Page.

The Downside: With our work with models and publications and our couples and wedding photography we limit ourselves to ONE senior a day. And some days won’t be available.

However, we do shoot senior photos 7 days a week and at all times of the day.