Senior Photo Packages and Prices

Your senior pictures are an important part of your senior experience and as you search for a senior photographer you’re looking for images that stand out from the rest, for individuality and uniqueness of your senior session and, of course, for cost.  Be  prepared for Sticker Shock!  Photographers use a variety of marketing strategies to convince you they’re the best, one strategy is to charge_MG_8487-Edit-Edit a ton with the belief that one will think if they charge that much they must be really good.

Choosing a senior photographer should be fairly straightforward, find a couple of photographers whose images you like, compare costs and features and contact a few for more information.  We don’t think you can find superior images to ours and we are the most affordable.

You live in a Social Media world, why choose an old style studio?  Our senior services are built around how you live in the Social Media World: Facebook, Instagram, Vine, SnapChat, Pheed, Tumbler etc.  We provide you with a DVD of all your images resized and formatted for use on social media sites. Just upload and share what you want with who you want.   We also provide a DVD of all your images full size and full resolution so if your parents, relatives or friends want photos we’ve got that covered too…And if you buy photos from us, and you certainly are not obligated to, there are no photo package requirements!   Order what you want in the sizes you want.  And, why should you have to pay for a DVD of your photos?

Glasses:  We understand that glasses are popular and are often a fashion statement as well as a functional necessity, however, as a photographer who uses off camera light the reflection in the lenses from the light is an issue.  We can mitigate the effect by changing the light position and changing the angle of your head, but those are limiting and will eliminate some of the more interesting poses.  We suggest any of the following, often your optometrist will permit you to borrow a set of frames without glass, we’ve had numerous seniors have the glass removed from their glasses for the day and finally contacts are great as well.  If none of those options is viable for you, we will do what we can, just understand that if the reflection covers part of the actual eye, there is little we can do to resolve the issue.

Our Packages are all inclusive, there are no extra charges or fees, what you see is what you will receive.  Although we do not require seniors to purchase photos, we do offer prints at  near Wal Mart prices and we have no package requirements, buy the images and sizes you want, period.

  1.  You select 20-30 images to be professionally  finished (skin smoothing, removal of blemishes, eye enhancement, etc.  The same finishing we apply to our models and magazine submissions).
  2. The option to select the location of your shoot, from our recommendations or a favorite location of your own.Sfwtudio-Sesson-1200-Edit-2
  3. A DVD of your selected images resized for use on social media sites.
  4. A DVD of the full sized, full resolution images suitable for making prints.
  5. A full release granting you the right to have prints made where you want.
  6. A free web gallery on our site.
  7. A collage of selected images  to make a graduation announcement.
  8. Senior photo to your high school.

Premium Locations: The Settlement, The Lone Star Brewery (The San Antonio Art Museum) and the Sun Set Railroad Station are sites that charge us and we pass those fees on to the cost of your package.  See our Premium Locations page for more details.

Studio or Location Only Package $375

Includes a three-hour session with unlimited wardrobe changes, backgrounds and poses.  A location package includes the option to shoot at more than one location.  We shoot at many locations (we can provide you a list and if you tell us what you’re interested in we can suggest locations to match), but if you have a special location in mind, just name it.

Studio and Location Package $525

This includes the Studio Package and the Location Package,  (and you can do the sessions on different days).  The cost is $525.  That’s it, no extra fees and no hidden costs and we offer a 100% guarantee.

Urban, Studio and Water Package ($850) We are offering a $50 discount to any senior(s) who arranges for a session before the end of April (the session can be any time before the end of October)

This is can be done in one day or spread out over two days.  We will start shooting in the city  where you will have a range of options from a fashion like shoot on  street in San Antonio, one of the many city parks, (Tea Garden). one of the Missions, along the River Walk, the Old Lone Star Brewery, Sunset RR station or a more grungy and gritty location, or perhaps The Settlement (an actual 1850’s settlement) for that authentic western look We will take a break, give you a chance to get a bite to eat and then freshen up at our studio, change hair styles and make up and then we will take some of the more formal and interesting shots in studio and we will end the  day with a session in or near the water (Guadalupe River State Park, Cibolo Nature Preserve, or similar) as the sun starts to fade.  The Tea Garden, the Missions, the Lone Star Brewery and the Sun Set Station (shooting outside the station is free) are premium locations which are an extra fee.  See our Premium Locations page for details.