Premium Senior Photo Locations

Senior Picture Premium Locations

_MG_8587 Our goal is to provide an opportunity for all seniors to be able to afford the highest quality senior photos at the most reasonable prices in San Antonio.  See our Prices and Packages section for our all inclusive prices and determine for yourself.

A number of seniors have asked for something different for their senior photos and so we have contracted with several San Antonio sites for use of their facilities.  It is important to remember that we are willing to shoot anywhere and any place you want at no additional charge (assuming there is no fee to us).  Travel is not an issue and we will travel up to 60 miles at no additional fee.

As the title indicates these site are premium and there is a cost involved.

The Settlement:  The Settlement is a popular wedding venue located in Bulverde, near the Kinder Ranch housing development.  It was settled in 1850 and the buildings are authentic and in their original locations.  The site contains a prairie house, a stage coach station and a huge barn.  The image above shows The Settlement from the back.  The barn also has an 1850 bridal suite with French doors that open onto the yard, which is very nice.  Under Emma’s Galleries you will find images we took of Emma at The Settlement.  Prices, for a 2 hour session the cost is $175 in addition to the session fee.  For a 3 hour session (recommended) the cost is $225 in addition to session fee.  Availability of The Settlement is determined by their events schedule and is generally more likely to be available on weekdays and Sundays.

Lone Star Brewery (San Antonio Art Museum) The old Lone Star Brewery (now the San Antonio Art Museum) provides a number of very interesting shooting concepts.  The old stable buildings with the huge doors and the beer warehouse with elevated doors (for loading horse drawn beer wagons) make for dramatic images, then there is the main brewery building with it grand architecture  as a backdrop and finally the art addition with reflective glass windows and its landscape dotted with sculptures.  Combining all of these creates a host of different looks at one location.  The Lone Star Brewery is a $100 option in addition to the session fee.

Sun Set Railroad Station late 1800’s railroad station is also a popular wedding venue and presents some unique opportunities for photos.  Inside is the grand staircase that goes up to a landing and then splits to left and right, the upper level is dominated by luxurious trappings from the period original doors, railings and sitting areas.  On the main floor is the original ticket counter from the period, glass booths, flipup entry gates, etc.  The fee is $175 in addition to the session fee.  (The Sun Set Station’s availability is based on their schedule and week days are more likely to be open than weekends)

Concerning the Sun Set station, shooting outside the station is free and one of our more popular locations is on Commerce Street and St. Paul’s Square (a block from the Station) where the architecture resembles that of New Orleans with covered sidewalks, gas lamps, etc and since Commerce Street is mostly empty store fronts and government offices it presents a great opportunity for street and sidewalk scenes with limited distractions.

Dripping Springs and Hamilton Pool, Dripping Springs and the famous Hamilton Pool and waterfall are located about 25 miles West of Austin and while there is no charge for shooting there, we do ask a $50 travel fee.