High School Ambassadors

We are looking to hire several high school students who will be juniors during the 2017-18 school year.  This is just a very basic description and more information will be provided to interested individuals.

We recently moved from Eau Claire, WI to San Antonio, TX and are looking to bring our energy and techniques to San Antonio and surrounding areas. We believe the best way to gain name recognition is to work with students in the area.

The nuts and bolts of being an Ambassador, those selected will do, at least, three photography sessions with us, each lasting three hours.  The sessions would be a studio session, two location sessions, one downtown and the other at a location with a river or lake.  For students involved in activities like cheerleading or dance, we are willing to substitute with a location that will permit you to showcase your interest and/or skill.

As an ambassador your primary duty will be to promote Davidanelsonphotography to other students.  As an additional bonus you receive a small fee for each student that books and completes a senior session with us and if they mention your name they receive a $25 discount.

Ambassadors will be paid $12.50 an hour for each shoot and will receive 20-30 images (you select) from each shoot, for a total of 60-90 images.  The images will be professionally finished and will be provided to you on two DVDs, one will be hi-res full size images and the others will be hi-res images resized and sharpened for use in the various social media platforms.

Essentially, Ambassadors get a full senior photo package and get paid!

If you are interested, respond through our contact page or at dnel12@msn.com or text to 715533-2214.  Provide an image or two, selfies are fine and an idea of what you are interested in.  If you think modeling is in your future please include that as we’ve helped a number of young models get deals with modeling agencies (and will show you which are legit and which are scams).