We at David A. Nelson Photography believe that love is what make life worth living and so for those who have professed their love for each other we offer a two-hour session In Studio, On Location or a combination of Studio and Location for $100.  So buy that ring, slip it on her finger and give us a call.

If you are committed to each other, but haven’t reached the point of buying a ring, that’s fine. we celebrate love in all its forms.

Couples are able to select, at least, 25 images to be professionally finished and will receive a DVD of selected photos and a release for making copies.  If you choose to purchase photos from us our contract with a professional photo lab enables us to provide the highest quality photos for prices competitive with low quality, mass market  photo labs.  Packages are not required, purchase the photos in sizes and quantities desired.

In Studio or on Location we shoot tethered. Tethered shoot means the images we shoot show up on the computer (laptop on location) as we shoot them and  immediately after the session you are able to review and select the images you would like finished.