Emma’s Hollywood Noir

We brought Emma into studio where we did a Hollywood Noir shoot.  Hollywood Noir is recapturing the images that Hollywood used to promote it’s stars on posters and in fan magazines.   Generally, the star wouldn’t look directly at the camera, she would look off  in the distance showing glamour and poise without looking stuck up. We think Emma could easily be taken for a Hollywood Starlet from the 1940’s-50’s.  We shoot the images in color and then change them to black and white.  This gallery provides the original color image and the following black and white image.  To get the black and white image we want we need to use a harsher light, once that creates stronger shadows.

_MG_8551-Edit-2 (2).JPG_MG_8551-Edit.JPG_MG_8560-Edit-2.JPG_MG_8560-Edit.JPG_MG_8561-Edit-2.JPG_MG_8561-Edit-3.JPG_MG_8564-Edit-2.JPG_MG_8564-Edit.JPG_MG_8570-Edit-2-2.JPG_MG_8570-Edit-2-3.JPG_MG_8573-Edit-2.JPG_MG_8573-Edit.JPG